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Artist Spotlight: Marta Zawadzka

Artist Spotlight: Marta Zawadzka

Marta Zawadzka
Marta Zawadzka is a polish artist who uses bold colour to explore the dynamics of modern life. Originally from an architecture and design background, Marta has transferred these skills onto the canvas.
Having exhibited globally, Marta’s works are featured in collections in over 40 countries around the world. Her work has attracted the attention of notable clients such as Lewis Hamilton, and Slash from Guns N’ Roses.
In April 2021, Marta’s artwork ‘Tiger’ featured in VOGUE magazine.
Marta's Collection for Inspired Art:

1. Ida - Limited Edition

Ida Limitied Edition by Marta Zawadzka

The rich and vibrant colours used in Ida are beyond alluring. Marta combines delicate drawings with giclee. In this portrait, we can see the gentle look in the eyes of Ida, contrasted with the neon jungle bursting through the canvas🧡

2. Lion - Limited Edition

Lion Limited Edition by Marta Zawadzka

The King of the Jungle like we have never seen before! Marta’s ‘Lion’ portrays strength and power. The eyes of the lion are in centre focus, with the features slowing fading outwards into the combination of vibrant colours🦁

3. Red - Limited Edition

Red Limited Edition By Marta Zawadzka

Marta captures the gentle elegance of the subject in this painting, with alluring eyes that draw you in. The gentleness of the face is contrasted with the dynamic splashes of vibrant colours; in this piece predominantly red❤️

4. Toucan - Limited Edition

Toucan - Limited Edition by Marta Zawadzka

Artwork that feels like a ray of sunshine. ‘Toucan’ by Marta Zawadzka is an all consuming, brightly coloured adventure in print. The great toucan is complimented by a sunshine yellow background, with Marta’s signature stripes and splashes of vibrant colours throughout💛


Marta is an incredibly talented artist, and her vibrant artworks would be a beautiful addition to any home. Shop the collection here.

We will be adding more incredible pieces by Marta in the coming weeks. To be the first to know when new artwork is available, join out mailing list down below👇🏻


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