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Artist Spotlight: Lucia Heffernan

Artist Spotlight: Lucia Heffernan

 Lucia Heffernan

“My body of work is an expression and exploration of my fascination with animals, through my painting. I seek to give animals a voice and a personality.”
‑ Lucia Heffernan.

If you ask Lucia, laughter is the best medicine! Her playful paintings are guaranteed to place a smile on your face, through the charismatic personalities she has given to each character.

Lucia’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the world and is currently on display in the prestigious Rehs Contemporary Gallery in New York City.

Staff Picks

We have chosen a few of our favourite pieces from Lucia's collection to highlight in this blog.

1. Jet Setter 

Jet Setter by Lucia Heffernan

Let's be honest, we all wish this was us right now! Lucia humorously gives human  traits and personalities to animals in her artwork. In this piece, she has beautifully depicted a duckling ready for a vacation, with sunhat, sunglasses and suitcase at the ready🐥

2. 3 Amigos

3 Amigos by Lucia Heffernan

This adorable trio are my personal favourites from Lucia’s collection. She has perfectly captured the mischievous curiosity of these three lovely little sausage dogs. The perfect gift for a dachshund lover!🐶

3. Penelope 

Penelope by Lucia Heffernan

How cute is this little lady! Lucia has an excellent range of farm animal prints including the beautiful Penelope! This novelty print plays with the proportionate size of the cow to make it feel like she is looking right at you!🐮

4. Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party by Lucia Heffernan

Let your imagination run wild with Rainbow Party! Bursting with colour, this print will bring light and joy to every home, through the cheeky grin of a happy puppy with his ice cream🌈

5. When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly bu Lucia Heffernan

A humorous depiction of the classic saying “When Pigs Fly”. We have all heard this saying many times before, but it is safe to say I never envisioned in like this! Lucia's playful twist on reality is sure to bring joy to any room, and is certain to be a conversation piece!🐷


These are only a few of the many incredible artworks from our Lucia Heffernan range. Be sure to check out Lucia's entire collection here.

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