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Artist Spotlight: Emma Grzonkowski

Artist Spotlight: Emma Grzonkowski

 Emma Grzonkowski
“My inspirations are drawn from the reflection of self experience and emotive senses. My work is an evolving journey, each painting representing feelings and states of being” ‑ Emma Grzonkowski
Emma is a rising star on the UK contemporary art scene. Through her provocative artworks, Emma fuses colour with themes of love, anger and female empowerment. Her art has caught the attention of music giants Spotify, with whom she collaborated for ‘Who We Be Live’ in 2017.

Staff Picks

We have chosen a few of our favourite pieces from Emma's collection to highlight in this blog.

1. Green Neon ‑ Limited Edition 

Green Neon - Limited Edition by Emma Grzonkowski

Emma’s black and white gentle portrait is finished with contrasting green neon and vibrant blue highlights in this Giclee art print. A vision in green💚

2. Red Hot - Limited Edition

Red Hot Limited Edition by Emma Grzonkowski

In this piece, Emma has again depicted a gentle image of a beautiful woman in a soft black and white style. This is contrasted with one bold strike of vibrant red across the eyes to make this artwork stand out. A statement piece in any home❤️

3. Close Up - Limited Edition

Close Up Limited Edition by Emma Grzonkowski

A heavy use of vibrant colours makes this piece stand out. Emma’s bold and creative use of colour to provide shading across the face adds depth to the image. This artwork is enchanting with tears of colour enticing the onlooker💜

4. Midnight Seduction - Limited Edition

Midnight Seduction Limited Edition by Emma Grzonkowski

In this piece, Emma has created a background of a galaxy of clouds using incredible pastel colours against a rich black background, to entice the imagination. The print includes a seductive depiction of a woman laying on a flower bed beneath this candy floss sky💙


These are only a few Emma's beautiful limited edition fine art prints. View the entire collection here.

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